Stainless Steel WaterWall Spillway
  • Stainless Steel WaterWall Spillway

    SKU: 58066

    Looking to add a splash of water to your backyard or landscape? Look no further with the Aquascape WaterWall Spillway. Installation of the WaterWall Spillway will enhance the beauty of any location, mask unpleasant noise pollution, and provide an oxygenated water source for birds and other wildlife. The 16 inch wide spillway makes it simple to incorporate an impressive water feature spillway into almost any design. Its stainless steel construction provides strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring years of trouble-free use. The clog-free, open top design will significantly reduce maintenance and its 1 inch plumbing line is able to handle flow-rates up to 2,000 gallons per hour. Combine with basin, pump, and plumbing for a complete feature.


    • Ideal for incorporating an impressive water feature into any setting
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    • Stainless steel construction
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    • Clog-free, open top design decreases maintenance
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    • 1 inch plumbing port handles flow-rates up to 2,000 GPH
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    • Can be paired with AquaBasin® Medium (#76004) and Ultra Pump 1500 (#91009)